Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher?

I have to admit that I was incredulous when I first heard that Ashton Kutcher would be playing Steve Jobs in a movie. I mean, doesn’t he basically best play the loveable, dumb guy?

I know no one wants to be typecast, but come on! This is a stretch! I realize he’s attempted other roles, but the only intelligent role I’ve liked him in is his wealth of Nikon commercials, and let’s face it, all he does is take pictures of pretty girls. It’s not exactly rocket science! But, Steve Jobs?

Then I saw the new book out by Walter Isaacson revealing a younger Steve, and stupid roles aside, they do at least look similar:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The photo that’s on the paperback version was taken in 1984, the year Apple introduced the Macintosh.

You can grab this book over at Amazon of course.