C. Lee Gibson is a teacher, preacher, public speaker and author who currently resides near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Her books are no-nonsense teachings from the pages of the Bible mixed with historical knowledge and good, old-fashioned, common sense. Called to the ministry after 17 and a half years of grappling with her own sexuality she unabashedly shares God’s love from her own experience with the LGBT Community.

About her love of teaching she has this to say:

“I began tutoring while in the 2nd grade and worked in the school library the same year. My first word was Bible (for real, ask my mother!)”

When asked about her journey she replies:

“I was a runaway at 14 and was completely on my own at 16. At the age of 19 I had a profound shift in my life from hard-core street person to born-again Christian. This led to my involvement with a very controlling church I affectionately refer to as “The Cult,” and eventually my time with the Amish where I taught 27 students (1st through 12th grade) in a one room schoolhouse with a wood burning stove and outhouses. It was a trip!”

Her ministry site, Plain Jane Ministries, addresses the gay community with common sense about the Bible and God’s love.

She and her partner own Gibson Girls Publishing, a small publishing company, have two sons, a dog (named Corndog by her 6 year old niece) and a cat (named Snicker-doodle to follow suite).