Cliche Christianity

Cliche Christianity by C. Lee Gibson
Cliche Christianity by C. Lee Gibson
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Wake up! That’s what this book is about. Most gay people don’t want anything to do with Christianity because it doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with them. That’s because the church has lost its focus on what its true calling is. They have been long focused on condemning and judging those without instead of taking care of business at home. They have misunderstood what it means to be Christian and in the process become a boring, lumbering organization instead of the supernatural force for good it was intended to be.

Cliché Christianity issues a call to action for Christians to wake from their humdrum, black and white existence to a life full of techno-color and stereo sound. Its goal is to sound the alarm to be vigilant and awake instead of nodding off to sleep. Jesus taught that those who followed Him would do greater works than He did. Many are not aware this kind of life is available in Christ. In this book C. Lee Gibson proclaims it and explains it so that the fundamental working parts of theology are easy to incorporate into our worldview.

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