Quick Update And Another Free Day

I had several friends and family members who wanted to get my books yesterday but could quite figure it out, so I extended the promotion another day. You can still get them until midnight tonight (August 13, 2013) for free. Just go here: http://www.amazon.com/author/cleegibson

Also, I am working on getting all my social media ducks in a row now, so I don’t quite have my Youtube spot up to post this video, but, last night after being free all day I was able to shoot a quick video showing that all of my books are now on the bestsellers list for ever category they are represented in! That is not, obviously, a reflection of how much money they made, but of how popular they are (at the moment). This updates at Amazon if I remember right every hour. It is of course in the FREE category, but that’s okay. It’s fun to see!

Anyway, I’ll be posting that on my new Youtube channel later today (hopefully)! Could still use your reviews/ratings for each book. It really helps keep my books up at the top. No pressure of course, but if you are so inclined, just log back into your Amazon account, go to the product page for each book and be honest.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out yesterday! If you didn’t actually crack any of the books yet there is a download link inside as a thank you to getting the book you might want grab, too.