Have You Checked Out Amazon Matchbook?

Amazon is now making sure it’s easy and affordable to get digital copies of books you’ve purchased in print. If you like to get the digital versions this will be a big savings for you. Below is some more information on this new offering from the large bookstore we all know and love:

Amazon also unveiled MatchBook, a program that allows customers to buy discounted digital versions of books they have already purchased in print. (Publishers will have to agree to make their books available for the program.) It’s similar to Amazon’s AutoRip program in music, which furnishes free digital copies of songs that customers have already bought as physical CDs on Amazon.com. Bezos is parlaying Amazon’s past dominance as a seller of physical media to strengthen its position on the new digital frontier. It’s a feature that beleaguered Barnes & Noble (BKS)can’t compete with. (Source)

Of course the publishers will have to make it available, so don’t get too happy just yet. It may take awhile for folks to implement this and make their digital books available via Matchbook, but we can hope, can’t we?